Primary Administrative Areas

  • Every location will have one primary administrative area assigned to it.

  • The primary administrative area is designated by the Level: 1 code in the AdministrativeArea block of the response.

  • Admin Codes have been derived from the ISO 3166-2 codes, where available, focusing on the principal subdivisions.

  • If the principal subdivisions of a particular country are not available, the code "00" will be assigned to all locations in that country. The name of the country will be assigned as the administrative name of any "00" codes.

  • In the event that a principal subdivision has not yet had an ISO 3166-2 code assigned to it, a code ranging from "X01" to "X99" will be assigned as a place holder until the official code has been released.

  • Each primary administrative area will also include the administrative classification, such as State, Province, etc.

Country Code Admin Code Admin Name Admin Type
US NY New York State
CA ON Ontario Province
FR J Île-De-France Region
KR 11 Seoul Special City
VA 00 Vatican City  
TH X01 Bueng Kan Province


Supplemental Administrative Areas

  • Supplemental Administrative Areas can be used to help distinguish between locations that look similar.
  • Each area is assigned a number to describe the scale of the administrative subdivisions for countries. As the Level number increases, the scale of the subdivision will decrease.

Political Boundaries

  • Internationally recognized areas focusing on the secondary subdivisions, where available.

    • Level 0

      • Used to categorize the Contituent Country, or subcountry, for locations that belong to a country that makes up a part of a larger entity.

      • Currently used for locations in the UK to represent England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

      • Primary use case - Replace Country Name with Constituent Country Name

        • London, United Kingdom

        • London, England

    • Level 2

      • Used to represent secondary subdivisions of the primary administrative areas.

      • Primary use case - Include in parentheses after the primary administrative information.

        • Miami, Florida, United States

        • Miami, Florida (Miami-Dade), United States.

Country Code Admin Code City Name Location Key Admin Level Admin Name
US FL Miami 347936 Level 2 Miami-Dade
CA BC Vancouver 53286 Level 2 Greater Vancouver
GB ENG-MAN Manchester 329260 Level 0, Level 2 England, City Center
IN MH Mumbai 204842 Level 2 Mumbai Suburban
US CA Mountain View 337169 Level 2 Santa Clara
US CA Mountain View 337169 Level 2 Contra Costa